Multimeter & Clamp Meters

Multimeter & Clamp Meters

The Handheld digital Multimeters featured are true professional grade electrical test and measurement instrumentation products. Standard feature foremost include 2 RMS features auto ranging resistance, capacitance, and frequency. Apart from standard ACV, DCV and ACA, DCA measurement, choose between non data logging and data logging, versions medium resistance / capacity.

The  Digital Clamp meters featured on the following page represent professional grade electrical test & measurement instruments designed for electrical engineers, facility maintenance teams and telecom engineers.

From Mini AC clamp meters for current measurement of house wiring in congested electrical boxes to High current clamp meter with large jaw type for larger cables to the Digital Power clamp meter that allows measurement of the power factor to actual power loads, the suite featured is offered to meet any electrical testing application requirement.

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AC Digital Clamp Meter 202

Digital AC Clamp Meter for current measurement, 28 mm jaw.

True RMS AC/DC Clamp meter 204

Professional True RMS AC/DC Clamp meter, 28 mm jaw.

True RMS AC/DC Clamp meter 208

Professional True RMS AC/DC Clamp meter with High Current measurement, 55 mm jaw.

Power Clamp Meter 232

Three phase intelligent handheld Digital Clamp Meter which has features of both power measurement & digital current measurement.

Pocket Multimeter

3999 counts Entry level pocket multimeter at a super value price.

61 D True RMS Digital Multimeter

6000 Counts True RMS Digital Multimeter . Entry level Professional multi meter.

61 E : True RMS Digital Multimeter

22000 Counts True RMS Digital Multimeter .

71 D Intelligent Multimeter

40000 counts True RMS Data logging Digital Multimeter. Highest accuracy Multimeter for Research, Telecom and other critical applications at a value price.

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