SWG12-11kV Portable Cable Fault Locator

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SWG12-11kV Portable Cable Fault Locator

SWG-12 is a 1-phase mobile cable test and fault location system, for buried power cables:

  • Test low-voltage power cables of 1kV up to 11KV medium-voltage cables or higher with:
  • DC voltage up to 12 kV
  • Fault conditioning by burning faulty cable insulation with current up to 100 mA @ 12 kV
  • Pre-locating cable faults with the reflectometer RIF-9 based on the low-voltage pulse reflection method (TDR), Arc reflection method (ARC single shot / ARC multi-shot), Current pulse method (ICE) and high-voltage decay method (DECAY)
  • Pinpointing cable faults with the acoustic method with 1100 J surge generator and a suitable signal receiver.

Powerful 1100 J surge generator with a surge voltage level switch allows maximum surge power at surge voltage ranges of 3, 6 and 12 kV. High surge energy enhances the possibilities of fault pinpointing byproviding a stronger signal in the conditions of high interference, deeply buried cables, or long distance to the place of fault.

Easy to Operate: Detachable reflectometer RIF-9 (pre-locator) is equipped with extra-bright 10.4'' display with touch screen technology &rotary controller knob, which makes fault pre-location quick through easy and efficient menu control.

SWG-12 provides a reliable, safe, and comprehensive solution for a complete servicing of low to medium-voltage voltage power cables.

Operating Mode:

  • Symmetric and Asymmetrical (time domain reflection) measurement
  • ARC single shot / ARC multi-shot pre-location
  •  Impulse current method (ICE)
  • Decay method
  • Surge levels 0 ... 3 / 6 / 12 kV
  • Fault conditioning (burning) with up to 100 mA @ 12 kV

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