Zehntner ZRM 6014 RL-Qd

Zehntner ZRM 6014 RL-Qd Zehntner ZRM 6014 RL-Qd Zehntner ZRM 6014 RL-Qd Zehntner ZRM 6014 RL-Qd Zehntner ZRM 6014 RL-Qd Zehntner ZRM 6014 RL-Qd
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Zehntner ZRM 6014 RL-Qd

Zehntner ZRM 6014 RL-Qd  is the most advanced Road Marking Retroreflectometer for day and night visibility measurement of road markings with retroreflectometry, to ensure safety of ensure road safety by directing & guiding drivers on the road, by ensuring visibility measurement.  

Portable handheld top-class retroreflectometer for determination of night visibility (RL) and/or day visibility (Qd) for all types of road markings as well as ambient temperature (°C/°F) and relative humidity (RH %) combined in one compact instrument.

Enabled with 5.7” high resolution colour touchscreen, The retroreflectometer offers an excellent visibility under all light conditions.

ZRM 6014 RL-Qd also provides various add on technology options to customize the reflectometer to personal requirements such as integrated 5-megapixel camera, WAAS GPS-unit, compass and level-meter as well as integrated printer option.

Fold-away telescopic handle and wheels included in the standard delivery of a retroreflectometer allows operator an easy field operation.

The portable retroreflectometer offers measurements with precise geolocation and high-resolution images. The user-friendly software makes comprehensive reports quickly and with ease.

Application Areas:
•    For road authorities, manufacturers of road marking materials, contractors and consultants.
•    For Determination of RL and Qd of all types of road marking paints, marking tapes, thermoplastic and cold plastic materials - whether smooth, textured, profiled, coloured, with or without aggregates / reflective beads

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