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SFS-3000 FTTX Fusion Splicer

Fiber Cable Joint Machine

SFS-3000 FTTX fusion splicing machine is designed for field use by operators & service providers for fusion splicing of optical fiber on Poles, FTTB, FTTH and campus networks.

The SFS3000 fiber splicing machine is also used in field splicing for SOC connectors.

Small size, Fast splicing & easy to use color touch screen ensure that the operator can do fast work with high productivity.

Optional: SFS 3000 is additionally available with neck harness as an optional accessory to allow use for fiber splicing on Poles, Ladders, and outside OFC plant networks where it is not possible to use splicing table or tent.

Product Supply Include:




1 PC

Fiber Cleaver

1 PC


1 PC

Spare electrode

1 Pair

Power Adaptor & cable

1 PC

Carrying case/bag

1 PC

Alcohol bottle

1 PC

cooling tray

1 PC

Fiber striper

1 PC

Cable striper

1 PC




SOS fiber holder

1 PC

Neck Harness for field use

1 PC

Product Specification


SFS - 3000

Applicable Fibers

SMF (ITU-T G.652 & G.657), MMF (ITU-T G.651), DSF (ITU-T G.653), NZDSF (ITU-T G.655)

Typical Splice Loss

0.03dB (SMF), 0.02dB (MMF), 0.05dB (DSF), 0.05dB (NZDSF)

Return Loss

> 60dB

Compatible Fiber

0.25mm — 3.0mm, Indoor cable

Splicing Time

6s (SM fast mode)

Splicing Mode

Preset 41 splicing modes, storable 100 modes

Heating Tank

Preset 5 kinds of thermal heating tube: 20/30/40/50/60mm, Maximum 100 modes

Heating Time

Fast heating time: 13s, Typical heating time: 30s

Estimated Splice Loss


Protection Sleeve Length

20mm — 60mm

Results Storage

20000 records & 200 images

Tension Test

1.5m 2.0N

Electrode Life

5000 ARCS


3.5-inch-high resolution display with touch screen


2 high-power white LEDs

Fiber View & Magnification

X, Y, XY, X/Y & 380x magnification

Splicing & Heating Times

300 times (100% battery charge)

Automatic Calibration

Automatic ARC calibration by air pressure and temperature

Operating Methods

Button or Touch screen


USB 2.0

Power Supply

AC input 100-240V, DC input 12-15V

Battery Capacity



1.15kg (including rubber bumper)


132mm × 205mm × 98mm (including rubber bumper)

Operating Condition

Altitude: 0-5000m above sea level. Temperature: -IO to 50 ̊C.

Humidity: O to 95%RH, non-dew. Wind: 15m/s.

Storage Condition

O to 95%RH, -40 to 80 0C. Battery storage: -20 to 30 ̊C

  • Light weight, compact size, handheld fusion splicer
  • LCD touch screen with 380X image magnification
  • Dust proof, waterproof, shock and high temperature resistance (IP52)
  • German CNC technology and integrated fiber -adjust frame, ensure more stable performance
  • Fast: 6s SM fiber fast splicing &13s highly efficient heating
  • Compact active V- groove
  • Work even at night based on Full- illumination lighting configuration
  • Fast Charging: 2 Hours
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