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TS 90 Cable Fault Locator

The TS90 is the most advanced TDR fault locator based on Digital technology that provides distance to fault on:

  • Telephone Cables
  • CATV & COAX Networks
  • LV Power Cables
  • Coax Radar Installations
  • Underground Mining Cables
  • Ship Wiring

The TS90 is designed for ease-of-use – you'll spend less time operating the TDR, and more time repairing faults. Simply select the cable type to be tested and the TS90 does the rest. Impedance, Vp, gain, pulse width, and vertical position are automatically selected and adjusted as you scan the cable. Just move the cursor to the fault to pinpoint its location.

On the performance side, the TS90 employs optimized pulsing and sampling, coupled with advanced filtering and signal processing techniques, to insure the maximum measurement range. That way, you'll always have a clean waveform for easier fault interpretation. 

Short Pulse Width: The TS90 provides a 5 ns pulse width for close-in resolution. Faults as near as 3 ft. from the pedestal can be located with ease.

Rugged Package: Performance in a rugged handheld TDR package. Designed to work in any condition weather snow, rain, heat, and humidity.

Product Specification
TelScout TS90 Characteristics :
Test Signal Output 1/2 Sine, balanced.
Amplitude 6V into 105
Output Impedance 105 nominal
Pulse Widths 5 ns to 2,500 ns (automatic)
Input Protection ±200 V, DC + peak AC, to a maximum of 440 Hz
Maximum Range 15,000 m (45,000 ft.) depending on cable type and condition
Cursor Resolution 0.4% of selected range
Display 5.25-in. high-contrast, high-resolution, backlit LCD, 520 x 200 pixels
Display Ranges Eleven automatic display ranges plus single-button expand window
Filter High pass, cutoff frequency 150 kHz, user selectable
Amplifier 5 mV reflection produces a full-screen vertical deflection
Gain 0 to 63 dB.
Horizontal Design Accuracy 0.01% ± 300 ps ± Vp uncertainty ± cursor resolution
Two Pair Test Capability. TS90
One-Step Setup.
Automatic Instrument Control Mode.
15 km (45,000 ft.) Fault Location Capability.
Splash and Drip Proof.
Single-Button Zoom Function.
Pair Comparison Mode.
Splits/Crosstalk Mode.
Intermittent Fault Location.
Measures Distance to Fault in Feet, Meters, or Time.
Configurable for Any Cable Type and Vp (0.300 to 1.000).
Accurate (±3 ft. at 10,000 ft.).
On-line Tutorials.
Large Backlit Display.
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Product Info Downloads

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