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DXL2 Pipe & Cable Locator Kit

The new DXL2 Pipe & Cable Locating kit comprising the DXL2 Cable Avoidance Tool and SGV2 Signal Generator are high performance buried cable & pipe locators developed using the latest in advanced digital signal  processing technology. It is the most modern design of Locator available  and will determine the exact position of Buried Pipes and Cables  immediately prior to any form of excavation work taking place, day or night.

When used in conjunction with the SGV2 signal generator, the  equipment becomes a versatile pipe & cable locating system for route  tracing of buried services.

The DXL2 Buried Pipe & Cable Locating Kit is based on a Dual Combined frequency 33/131 kHz for locating the smallest of armored telecom or optical fiber cables. The DXL2 has 4 modes of operation P:Power, R : Radio, G : Generator and A : AllScan Mode for locating buried metallic cables and pipes. The DXL2 has automatic signal interference rejection based on an improved double antennae system with appropriate vertical separation.

The CSCOPE DXL2 also provides live depth measurement at the touch of a button. The DXL2 Cable Avoidance Tool represent one of the  most versatile locating kits available when used in conjunction with a  full range of accessories including General Purpose Sondes, Duct Sondes,  Traceable Duct Rodders, Signal Clamps, Signal Injectors and Carry Bags.

The equipment range makes locating really simple and combined with unique features such as Automatic Daily self test, Swing warning etc., lets the  operator work with confidence.The equipment range is specifically designed to be used by operators in ALL site conditions and in ALL working environment  to  ensure position of buried pipes and cables is pinpointed before each and every excavation.

Stanlay C.Scope Cable locators are the most rugged equipment  in the industry - water proof, dust proof, impact rated with IP65  Environmental rating ensuring long product life . The equipment is fully digital and does not require Recalibration. The DXL2 Cable & Pipe Locating kit provides the best return on investment. Built to last. 

Product Specification
Power Mode
Generator Mode (33+131kHz)
Depth Measurement
Dynamic Swing Sensor
Automatic Daily Self Test
Data Transfer via USB
Data Transfer via Bluetooth™
Three Year Warranty


Max Power Output 
One Watt
No. of Adjustable Power Output Levels 
Generator Frequencies 33+131kHz
Signal Connection Modes
Display (LCD)
No Periodic Calibration**
4 x D (LR20)
IP 65 Environmental Rating Features

Features - Four Detection Modes to select from:



The POWER mode Identify buried electricity cables.


The RADIO mode detects re-radiated ‘radio’ type.




The GENERATOR mode is used to detect the 33 + 131 kHz signal applied to a metallic pipe or cable by a SGV2 Signal Generator.


The ALL Scan mode detects ALL frequencies of signal from the lowest of the Power signals right up to and including 33kHz.




When used with an SGV2 Signal Generator.

LCD displays important operating parameters such as :

     * Signal strength.
     * Confirmation of selected mode.
     * Battery condition.
     * Frequency (in T Mode)
     * Depth (in T Mode & when selected).
     * Signal Current (when selected)



Sensitivity control to ensure very precise locating.




Detachable loudspeaker to allow operation of instrument in noisy environments.





Battery Compartment Contains the USB Socket allowing the user to print out a system validation certificate when required.
  • Dynamic Swing Sensor - a single tone alert to avoid erroneous detection.
  • Automatic Daily Self-Test - ADST fully examines the Cable Avoidance tool, when it is first switched on.
  • Data Logging Option (Optional) - The Data Logging DL versions automatically records how and when the Cable Avoidance Tool was used.
  • Data Log Transfer via USB - Data from the Data Logging versions can be transferred at any time to a PC for analysis
  • Data Log Transfer via Bluetooth - additional optional feature to wirelessly transfer data logs
  • Data Connection - socket for transferring data to a PC
  • Robust & Durable Construction - IP65 standard protection against dust and water ingress.
  • Calibration - do not require periodic re calibration, helping to significantly reduce running costs and downtime.
  • System Validation Certification – prints a System Validation Certificate by connecting the Cable Avoidance Tool to a PC via USB
  • GPS Mapping Via Bluetooth – The optional versions with Data logging and Bluetooth™ can be connected live to accurate GPS survey/ mapping equipment allowing the accurate depth (z) of an underground pipe or cable to be linked to the x and y coordinates, enabling ‘single pass’ mapping surveys.
  • Data Log Analysis -C.Scope’s FREE to download XL2 Edition PC Toolkit allows manipulation of the stored data-logs into charts and graphs


Features - SGV2 Signal Generators

  • Signal Application Techniques -The SGV2 offers three alternative ways to apply a Signal Generator signal:
    • Direct Connection - allows specific pipes or cables to be individually traced, identified and their depths measured. The use of Signal Clamps, Signal Injectors and Direct Connection leads make this mode the most effective method for pinpointing pipes and cables.
    • Signal Clamp (Optional) - If it is difficult or inconvenient to use Direct Connection, then the signal clamp wrap around technique can be utilized to successfully energize an armored optical fiber cable, street lighting cable etc.
    • Induction - allows the Signal Generator to induce a detectable and traceable signal to previously unknown, undetected or inaccessible underground metal pipes or cables without any direct connection. This is also referred to as a Blind Search and significantly increases capability to locate or trace buried services.
  • Power - A One Watt Power Output to provide long distance tracing with four position power level adjustment
  • Loudspeaker - clear audible signal output to indicate when it is in operation.
  • Pulsed or Continuous Signal - choice of signal output to switch to the Pulsed Mode in high interference situations
  • LCD clear digital display - large, clear and easy-to-read backlit LCD mounted behind a tough protective polycarbonate lens.
  • Accessory Tray - large detachable accessory tray to house the standard accessories
  • Robust & Durable Construction - IP65 standard protection against dust and water ingress.
  • Calibration - does not require periodic re-calibration.


Product Info Downloads
Product Info Downloads

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