Northern Railway uses SWG 12 Power Cable Fault Locator to locate faults leaving no harmful impact on cables

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Application Name: SWG 12 Power Cable Fault Locator to locate faults leaving no harmful impact on cables.

Client – Northern Railway

Project- End Use

Requirement: Northern Railway requires checking installed power cables & locating faults on upto 11 KV.

They require modern power fault locating equipment that helps in quickly locate cable faults without leaving any harmful impact on power cables.

Solution: Northern Railway uses new generation SWG 12 power cable fault locator to locate faults leaving no harmful impact on cables.

Previously Northern Railway was using primitive high-pressure voltage thumping method to locate power cables fault that usually turns damaging & reducing life of power cables, resulting in higher cost of new cables to be procured & installed which was otherwise avoidable.

Hence, keeping the health of power cables in mind, they opt for using our new generation SWG series cable fault location system which has a number of high voltage method options such as ARM, ICE, Decay including Burn mode to allow localise power cable faults with no impact on the health of the power cable, ensuring continued return on investment on power cables deployed.


The SWG12 provides 3 surge voltage ranges of 3, 6 and 12 kV respectively allowing the lowest voltage to be applied to the cable depending on voltage breakdown detected.

At the Ambala / Saharanpur division, the need was felt for the equipment to be available to allow quickly locate power cable faults which were otherwise undetectable due to non-availability of equipment. Ambala being a junction with large number of power cables , the requirement for an 11kV cable fault locating system based on specifications of latest high voltage locating equipment was specified in a work contract floated by Dy CEE Moradabad with consignee being the SSE Ambala.

SWG 12 Cable Fault Locator application by Northern Railway

Training was conducted at Saharanpur for a period of 2 days in which 5 existing cable faults were located within the 2 days of training.

The above is a testament of how the Indian railways by way of procurement of the SWG12 11kV Cable fault locator can locate faults & restore for reuse its existing power cable assets, with the possibility to save crores of rupees every per annum basis (based on mitigating the need to procure & install new cables) at each division location based on a one-time investment.

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