Tan Delta Testers

Tan Delta Testers

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Tan delta testers are used for measuring very low dielectric losses in high voltage equipment. Tan Delta Testing is a precise method to provide important information on the extent of ageing in insulation systems. Tests are conducted during periodic maintenance and inspection of high voltage equipment such as power transformers, instrument transformers, bushings, capacitors, motors, generators, power cables, etc.

 During the normal operation, due to the aging of insulators, the impurities like dirt and moisture enter into it & it may contaminated with insulating oil & causes very low dielectric losses. The degree of contamination of liquid dielectrics can be determined by the value of its dissipation factor (tan δ or tangent delta), while the dependency of the dissipation factor on the temperature of the liquid can help identify the type of such contaminants.

High-accuracy Tangent delta testers from KEP Ltd. are used for automated measurement of dissipation factor of insulating oils according to IEC 60247:2004 and GOST 6581-75. The dissipation factor testers are designed with a built-in memory for the measurement results storage, PC-connection capability, and robust operator safety systems for all-round operator protection.

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