Tangent-3M Tan Delta Tester

Tangent 3M Tan Delta Tester Tangent 3M Tan Delta Tester Tangent 3M Tan Delta Tester Tangent 3M Tan Delta Tester
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Tangent-3M Tan Delta Tester

TANGENT-3M is designed for measuring the dielectric dissipation factor (tan δ / tangent delta) of insulating oils at industrial frequency (f = 50 Hz) according to IEC 60247:2004.

In addition to the dielectric dissipation factor, TANGENT-3M determines the temperature, absolute permittivity, and electrical capacitance of the oil sample.

Tangent-3M tan delta tester offers fully automated measurement for dielectric dissipation factor including empty cell calibration & oil sample heating, carried out according to IEC 60247 specifications.

TANGENT-3M comes with three test cells as standard, however its non-volatile memory is capable of storing parameters for up to six different cells.The Tangent Delta tester has data storage facility & can store upto 2000 test results which can be further exported into MS Word or Excel formats.

In addition to the dielectric dissipation factor measurement/ Tan Delta Testing, TANGENT-3M Tan delta tester measures the temperature, dielectric constant and electrical capacitance of an oil sample.

High accuracy & rate of measurement:

The Tan Delta Tester provides highly  accurate measurements with accuracy ± (0.01*tan δ + 0.0002) for dielectric dissipation measurement, ± (tan δ + 0.5) % for determining electrical capacitance & ± 1 °С for measuring temperature.

Under program "START 1", Measurement duration including test cell calibration and oil sample heating to 90 °С (with taking measurements at 70 and 90 °С), does not exceed 35 minutes.

According to "START 2" program which in addition to test cell calibration and oil sample heating to 95 °С (with taking measurements at 70/80/90 °С) also includes the sample cooling (with taking measurements at 90/80/70 °С), does not exceed 85 minutes.

Durable Design : The Lightweight Tan Delta Tester is made in the form of a single compact unit enclosed in a heat-resistant plastic casing.

Safety: High-voltage circuit of TANGENT-3 is protected against breakdowns, while the high voltage supply is immediately cut off whenever the test chamber lid gets opened.

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