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Transformer Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester

Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester

OLT-series Portable Automatic Oil breakdown voltage testers also referred to as Oil BDV testers offered are used for determining the dielectric strength of mineral and synthetic insulating oils. Our testers in association with K.E.P with its offices and manufacturing at U.K and Ukraine, measure the oil breakdown voltage (BDV) in a fully automatic mode and feature a built-in printer for printing out test results.

Testing is carried out automatically based on pre-fed IEC, ASTM OR ANY other standards chosen by the operator. The testers are also equipped with the means of mixing and measuring the temperature of the oil sample, which ensures compliance with the requirements of most of the national and international oil testing standards. Proprietary software also allows to create custom user standards with a high degree of flexibility. OLT testers provide high accuracy and stability of the obtained breakdown voltage values and feature a comprehensive operator protection during high-voltage tests.

To simplify the procedure of calibration and adjustment of the OLT-series oil testers, special C-series reference voltage measurement cell with a bright LED display are offered. The cells C-80 and C-100 Oil BDV Calibrators have an infrared port for wireless connection with a PC, which allows the operator to remain at a safe distance from the high voltage source while using the proprietary KEP Suite software for quick and efficient adjustment of the cell itself.


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OLT-80-80kV Oil BDV Tester

OLT-80-80kV Oil BDV Tester

KEP OLT-80 80KV Automatic Oil testers accuratly check breakdown voltage on dielectric liquids utilized typically in electrical equipment & specifically oil in transformers.

OLT-100-100kV Oil BDV Test Kit

OLT-100-100kV Oil BDV Test Kit

OLT80-80kV automatic oil tester accurately check breakdown voltageon dielectric liquid utilized utilized typically in electrical equipment & specifically oil in transformers

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