P-900 Multifunction Pinpointing Receiver

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P-900 Multifunction Pinpointing Receiver

P-900, a necessary accessory required to be used along with high voltage cable fault surge generator and TDR for acoustic based cable fault pinpointing.

P-900 consists of a digital LCD display, headphone and acoustic / inductive sensor. The fault locating technician can '' listen" for the high voltage surges to locate exact point of fault on buried power cable.

P-900 serves two main functions:

  • Power cable fault pinpointing of buried power cables when used in conjunction with a suitable surge generator of sufficient energy providing HV pre-locating modes.
  • Inductive tracing of cables at 1024 / 2048 HZ when a suitable low frequency generator is used.

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P-900 Multifunction Pinpointing Receiver
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