HVT-70/50-70kV Manual AC DC Hipot Tester

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HVT-70/50-70kV Manual AC DC Hipot Tester

Portable high-voltage test system HVT-70/50 DC/AC HIPOT is an effective and cost efficient solution for high-voltage testing of solid dielectrics with low and medium electric capacitance (power cables, switchgear, surge arresters, busbars, insulators, etc.) with DC (rectified) voltage up to 70 kV and high voltage testing of other objects with AC voltage up to 50kV RMS at industrial frequency (f = 50 Hz).

Output voltage type is selected by a simple turn of a switch on the control unit-no additional equipment installation is required.

The system comprises of two separate modules - a control unit and a high-voltage unit. The control unit is powered from industrial mains and used to control the high-voltage unit from a safe distance. Output voltage and current are displayed on the reliable and easily readable analog pointer indicators. The high voltage unit contains a step-up transformer with oil insulation.

The system features an overcurrent and overvoltage protection and is equipped with a built-in automatic grounding bar

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HVT-70/50-70kV Manual AC DC Hipot Tester
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