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HVTS-HP 100kV Automatic AC DC Hipot Tester

AC Hipot Tester

Mobile high-power high-voltage test systems HVTS-HP are designed for high-voltage testing of solid dielectrics with low and medium electric capacitance (power cables, switchgear, surge arresters, busbars, insulators, etc.) with AC voltage up to 100 kV RMS at industrial frequency of 50 Hz.

HVTS-HP series systems can output high current at high voltages, making them suitable for conducting a multitude of tests according to a wide range of standards and regulations

The systems comprise of a control and a high-voltage mobile unit, each built in a form of a trolley. The control unit is a mobile operator station powered from industrial mains and used to control the high-voltage unit from a safe distance.The high-voltage unit contains a step-up transformer with SF6 insulation, as well as a high voltage divider and a rectifier

HVTS-HP benefits from a graphic display and digital control, which allows to run tests in manual and automatic cycles,  as well as store test results in internal memory of the system.

The systems feature an overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating protection.

Product Specification


DC Testing Parameters


Output level

up to 100 kV

Relative measurement error

± [3 % + 2 dgt*]


Output level

up to 40 (80) mA**

Measurement error

AC testingparameters


Output level

up to 100 kVRMS

Measurement error

± [3 % + 2 dgt]


Output level

up to 75 (175) mARMS

Measurement error

± [3 % + 2 dgt]

Load capacitance in AC mode@ rated output voltage

up to 2.4 (5.4) nF


System parameters

Testing modes


· Manual

· Automatic

Voltage ramp rate

0.5 … 4.0 kV/s, step 0.5 kV/s

Internal memory

32 test reports


Monochrome graphic display

128 × 64 px

Interface languages




· Over-voltage tripping

· Over-current tripping

· Thermal overload warning

· Low pressure warning

Power supply and


Supply voltage

230 V ± 10 %, AC

Supply frequency

50 Hz

Power consumption

up to 9 (19) kVA

Current consumption

40 (82) A***



CU dimensions, H × W × D

1063 × 735 × 561 mm

CU weight

82 (127) kg

HVU dimensions, H × W × D

1012 × 639 × 750 mm

HVU weight

125 kg

  • DC & AC test modes
  • High power output
  • Safe two-module composition
  • Mobile design
  • Graphic display and digital control
  • Manual & automatic test cycles
  • Internal memory for test results storage
  • Overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating protection
Frequently Asked Questions (5 answered questions)
HVTS HIPOT allows set Voltage and current limits and Voltage ramp rate.
In AUTO control mode there is a shortcut to further limit the test voltage within the boundaries of the selected pre-set, allowing testing upto desired voltage levels eg 10kV or 40kV
Ramp up can be set in range 0.5 … 4.0 kV/s, step 0.5 kV/s.

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Ripple is automated in HVTS thanks to its design.
HVTS automatically adjusts the position of internal voltage regulator if the voltage from the mains fluctuates by more than 1.5V (higher or lower from the moment test was started and output voltage was raised), so the output voltage will be as stable as possible. it will adjust Voltage regulator position 1 turn of the coil up or down that is equal to approx. 0.5kV of output. Accordingly, in the AC mode your ripple is less than 2% ; In case of DC Max value will less than 1%.

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Withstand or hipot testing is used to evaluate the condition of as example cable insulation during installation, acceptance, or maintenance testing or as another example capability of a material substrate which is to be used in an electrical environment to function upto its rated voltage.

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HVTS Hipot provides a Digital display incorporating both volt and current readings. Readings are displayed as values and can also be emulated per user option as an analog type display on the LCD.

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HVTS HP is available in the following model options :
HVTS-HP-100/100 provides 100kV in DC and 100kV AC
HVTS-HP-140/100 provides 140kV in DC and 100kV in AC

Furthermore, 7.5 and 17.5 in the naming of the HVTS-HP model means the max. output power of 7.5 and 17.5 kVA respectively.

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